Lake Country Gymnastics

Summer Drop In

July 2nd to August 22nd

Parent and Tot (1-5 years)

Tuesday and Thursday



Evening Drop In Program

These evening drop ins are a great way for your gymnast, dancer, or cheerleader to keep up their skills and strength over the summer. Each night a different skill will be the focus of skills and drills. This is a great way for your athlete to finally master that one elusive skill!


5-6pm skills and drills 

6-7pm tumbling 

7-8pm conditioning 


5-6pm skills and drills 

6-7pm jump and leap 

7-8pm flexibility training 


$10 per hour drop in

$80 10x punch card

$200 one month unlimited

$300 unlimited frequent flipper Skills and drills TBA

**Regular session punch cards not valid for summer evening drop ins**

Win a sleepover in the gym for the most evening drop ins attended!!

Gym Insurance required for all drop ins

Fall Drop In

September 9th to December 20th

Parent and Tot (1-5 years)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 

9:00-10:00 am  

Family (6+ years)

Friday 6:30-8:30 pm   

1 (participant)-$10, 2-$16, 3-$21, 4-$25


Gym Insurance Required for all Drop Ins

Ask about our punch cards for great savings!

No pre-registration is required for drop-ins.

All drop-in participants must pay Gym BC insurance and sign the appropriate waiver.


Casual Member $10.30 (5 visits or less)

Recreational Member $22.30

InterClub Member $25.30 

Insurance is valid September through August