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Fall registration opens June 24th!


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Fall Registration

Fall 2019 Registration opens on June 24th!


Summer Camps

Gymnastics, Circus and Parkour

Registration is now open!

Summer Camps

Summer Registration

New! Summer classes are open for registration!

Classes run July 2nd to August 22nd

6-10 Intermediate Gymnastics

Monday and Thursday - 3:30pm-5:00pm


June Office Hours

Monday to Thursday  




Spring Drop In

April 1st to June 27th

Parent and Tot (1-5 years)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9:15-10:15 am  


Cancelled May 20 - Victoria Day

Family (6+ years)

Friday 6-8 pm   

1 (participant)-$10, 2-$16, 3-$21, 4-$25


Gym Insurance Required for all Drop Ins

Summer Drop In

July 2nd to August 22nd

Parent and Tot (1-5 years)

Tuesday and Thursday



Evening Drop In Program

These evening drop ins are a great way for your gymnast, dancer, or cheerleader to keep up their skills and strength over the summer. Each night a different skill will be the focus of skills and drills. This is a great way for your athlete to finally master that one elusive skill!


5-6pm skills and drills 

6-7pm tumbling 

7-8pm conditioning 


5-6pm skills and drills 

6-7pm jump and leap 

7-8pm flexibility training 


$10 per hour drop in

$80 10x punch card

$200 one month unlimited

$300 unlimited frequent flipper Skills and drills TBA

**Regular session punch cards not valid for summer evening drop ins**

Win a sleepover in the gym for the most evening drop ins attended!!

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